This was only the beginning.

The buffet was the entrée (appetizer) course
inaugurating a feast, the likes of which I have seldom

Fresh fruits and vegetables, mountains of saucisson,
Bayonne ham, local fish in cold sauce and bread,
provided by the bride's cousin, the boulanger.

We had magret de canard (duck breast), poellée de
peach, mixed vegetables.  We had one course
featuring ten cheeses matched with ten different wines.  
We had wine from the groom's current domaine, the
bride's stepfather's chateau, and the Chateau
Lynch-Bages, where the couple met.

We left at 1 am.  

They hadn't cut the cake yet.

We got some at the brunch the next day.
Between courses...
Between dances....
A cultural exchange...
And now it's time to go home, and to bed.
We did a few other things while we were in Bordeaux... we went to Blaye to an international horse jumping competition,
investigated the fifteen-foot tidal variances in the Gironde, found a couple of thousand-year-old churches, and the
synagogue in downtown Bordeaux, met some Russian sailors on their thirty-foot boat.
Raymond, our innkeeper, cook and bottlewasher, and the pool area which was too cool to use well!  Unseasonable...
And you think YOU have problems at
low tide...
Christian, the bride's stepfather, took us to his
vineyards and showed us the difference between
Cabernet and Merlot grapes, then gave us a tour
and a tasting at the chateau.

Vive Chateau Le Grand Moulin!
...and then we came home!
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