When our older niece turned ten, we took her to France.  When our
younger niece turned ten, we took her to London, Manchester,
Wilmslow, Conwy in Wales and Barrow in Furness.  We SERIOUSLY
went to England!

We flew into London and spent the night, taking a double-decker bus
tour and watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.
We went to Marks & Spencers and got take-out for most of our meals in London.. there was one on Piccadilly, just a
couple of blocks from our hotel.  We took the bus tour early on Sunday, then we got into our car with the steering wheel
on the wrong side, and took off to drive on the wrong side of the road all the way to Wilmslow.  We had our hostess's
e-mailed instructions, and a Michelin map, and by Jove, we found it without getting lost!
Wilmslow is near Manchester, which is
the cradle of the industrial revolution.  
We visited the natural history museum
at the University of Manchester, where
Lindow Man (the preserved fellow from
the peat bog) usually resides, but he
was on holiday in London.

We also visited the
Museum of Science
and Industry in Manchester, where
there was a fascinating collection of
trains, steam engines, hot air engines,
water mills, airplanes, and it is all held
in the world's first train station.

We travelled to the north of Wales, to
the sheep farm where our host grew
up, and we climbed Castle Conwy,   
We then went to the birthplace of the
Cap'n's grandfather, Barrow on
Furness, where all the submarines in
the UK are built.
A Welsh pony, St Trillo's Chapel, the smallest church in Wales,
dating from the 600s and seating less than ten, and me
beginning the climb up Castle Conwy.