The Captain sails, shoots, and dabbles in aviation.  He (and the Admiral) have owned a Sunfish, a Columbia Contender,
and now a
Hunter 34. But my first boat was the Turtle.

For shooting, the Captain prefers classic American arms, such as the
1911 Colt and the Marlin 39.  He is not above
shooting a foreign arm, but only when appropriate, such as the
Beretta 950 .

The Captain has flown a large number of aircraft, including gliders, airplanes and helicopters. Some of his favorites are
shown below.
We owned a Schweizer 2-33A like this fine example.
The Admiral bought it for the Captain as a wedding
present.  She later got over it.
The Captain soloed in a Piper
Cherokee 140 on his sixteenth
birthday, the absolute minimum age.  
His parents let him skip school to do it,
setting an unfortunate precedent.
The Captain earned his original Airline
Transport Pilot Certificate in the
PA-28-181 Archer.  He was 28 days
older than 23 years old... four weeks
beyond the minimum age.
The Captain obtained his FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate  for
multiengine land airplanes in a Grumman GA-7Cougar, similar to
the plane above a few months later.
The Captain flew the entire range of Turbo
and Jetprop Commander airplanes, both as
a corporate pilot and as an instructor for
FlightSafety International.
The Grumman G-21 Goose is one of
several seaplanes the Captain has
The Captain's first jet qualification was in the Dassault Falcon 50. Start big, he says...
The Captain is also qualified on the Westwind 1124.  The Westwind is the
later version of the original 1121 Jet Commander, shown on the right.  The
1121 was a direct competitor to the Learjet in the mid 1960s.  Fun airplanes
to fly, and the 1121 has the bonus of being one of the loudest...

The 1121 has some fairly high takeoff and landing speeds, and perhaps the
shortest eye height above the wheels.  It is sometimes referred to as the
world's fastest tricycle.
The Captain has a bit of experience in
helicopters, also.  He is rated in the
Eurocopter AS-350 and AS-355, Bell
206 series and the
Sikorsky S-76.

The Captain likes to hover, as well as
make lots of noise and go fast.

None of these are possible aboard
The Captain is also rated in the Embraer EMB-110,
a 19 passenger commuter plane popular in the
1980s. The "Bandierante" was made in Brazil, and
had no pressurization and a weak air conditioner.  
It was ofter referred to as the "sweat-jet."
The Captain's first job as a corporate pilot was on a Piper
Navajo Chieftain. A great way to make a living at age 23!