This is Daisy.  She is an
AKC-registered Beagle who joined
our family after Bernie passed
away in 2004.  She came from the
Animal Welfare League.  She
is smart, curious, energetic and
quite the Beagle.  Here, she is
visiting with our resident
marsupial, Opossum bin Laden,
who terrorizes the dogs by
sneaking around the deck at night.
 He (she?) is occasionally
accompanied by Iraccoon, another
terrorist who like the garbage cans
and the coziness of the deck's
Daisy is very fierce.  Fear her!
This is Bernard L. Beagleman.  Bernie came to
live with us in 2000, and lymphoma took him in
the fall of 2004.  He was a walk-on to the Captain's
brother's farm and adopted through Beagle
Rescue, Education and Welfare (

Bernie liked to eat, in case you didn't notice.  He
ate dog food.  He ate garbage.  He ate gloves,
shoes, cell phone cases, books, planners, tee
shirts, trousers, notebooks, belts, chew toys,
curtains, slipcovers.  In fact, if he could get it into
his mouth, it was done for.

But none of that killed him.

He was believed to be Jewish.
And this is Pedro.  

Pedro came to live with us from the
BREW folks,
the same ones who helped Bernie come to us.

Pedro is a little feller.  He and Daisy are about the
same age, but Daisy outweighs him about double.

Pedro is not bossy, or smart like Daisy.  But he
doesn't let her get away with much, despite her
persistent demands.  He likes to talk to Opossum
very loud.  He also likes to get his head
scratched indefinitely.