I'm the Admiral of the Good Ship Tabasco.  I have
to work in my office to support my addictive sailing
habit.  You can read about my work

I served happily for six years on the local arts
commission, which you can read about

I am an active advocate for research toward a
cure for
Pulmonary Hypertension.

The other important place for The Captain and
myself is our church family, where you can visit
We visited Hong Kong, and this is what it looks like on a rather hot,
humid, smoggy, windy day.   At least this is what I look like.  It is
wonderful, vibrant, colorful, exhilarating.  We stayed at the
Marriott and had one of the two best meals I have ever had in my
life at the
Rainbow Restaurant at Lamma Island.
This is Elvis.

We found him hiding in The
Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.

Who knew?
This is my brilliant nephew, and what he
looks like after he drinks bathwater.

Below are his parents, before him.
His mom and his brilliant
cousins, my brilliant nieces.
His dad and his uncle.  Not that there's
anything wrong with that.
A more recent picture of my Brilliant
Nieces, their father who believes he's
the captain, and their mother who
KNOWS she's the admiral.
The Admiral's Dad, also the nieces and
nephew's Pop-pop.
And a slightly
more recent
picture of the
brilliant nephew.
A very busy two-year-old
nephew and his not at all
two-year-old mother.
This is the Cap'n's
Mother, or the
Admiral's Belle
Mere.  What an
elegant lady she is,
in all her finery!
A whole bunch of us!

And here is a picture of My Brilliant Nephew with his new brother, My Brilliant
Youngest Nephew.

The youngest was named Soonyouwah by his older brother, for no apparent
reason.  Soonyouwah arrived unexpectedly on Christmas Eve.  Soonyouwah's
brother asked his mother over the phone if she could come home from the
hospital now, and play tackle football?  

My Brilliant Nephew is rather enchanted with his new brother.  That is because
his new brother isn't old enough to touch any of his stuff.

We'll wait for the reviews when that happens....